What is the Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement?

We teach Black People how to live off your savings and investments

The Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement's (CFSM) mission is to awaken *POADUS to ‘Cryptic’ or ‘Hidden’ money making methods shared by wealthy families for over 200 years in two phases. #PlanItThenPlantItForThePlanet!
[*POADUS: People of Afrikan Descent in the United States]

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At CFSM, achievements are qualified by the amount of "woke" families I teach in numbers. The more financially sustainable, the deeper the wealth extends into our bloodlines. Co-opted together provides the ability to address our needs ourselves. The cycle of poverty ends right here, right now!


POADUS Population average net worth $19,049 compared to $130,472 for Whites


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Meet the Founder Behind the Movement

M'Bwebe Ishangi


A former Brand Marketing Strategist for the National Basketball Association (NBA), M'Bwebe Ishangi demystifies Financial Literacy and shares how he went from loyal, corporate employee to financially sustainable living off his savings and investments!
Now, as a Financial Therapist, Ishangi teaches personal finance and investment skills that encompasses much more than financial education. He focuses on instilling knowledge and confidence in his clients/students so they can experience—sometimes for the first time in their lives—financial dignity by simply enabling the ability to live off their savings and investments. This practice then leads to the creation of intergenerational wealth and sustainability.
The author of 6 books including ‘A Pot to Piss In: Intergenerational Wealth Planning For Black People’, Ishangi explains there are numerous ways to create individual and intergenerational financial sustainability simply by following similar playbooks of those who are able to cover their life expenses.
Ishangi believes getting "Crytowoke" consists of learning 'cryptic' or 'hidden' money-making methodologies shared by rich families that can now be implemented by anyone. I invite you to become part of our mission to get 3,000 POADUS families Financially Fit. Join the Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement today!


How To Survive the 4th Industrial Revolution

We have entered the 4th industrial revolution. One that has the potential to alter our lives worse than before emancipation. In this talk, M'Bwebe Ishangi speaks on job scarcity and the effect it will have on our collective purchasing power, the coming of Artificial Intelligence, and the fictitious scheme that certified education guarantees sustainability. He follows with financial and monetary 'cryptic' (or hidden) legal schemes families from other persuasions have used for 200+ years enabling their bloodlines to not only hold on to their wealth, but increase it safely despite recessions, wars, and market crashes.



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The greatest reward is knowing what you share has both an immediate and everlasting impact on people who invest in your knowledge and awareness. What I share is a life skill, one that can be shared and passed on throughout one's bloodline. Here's a few testimonials from my clients——of which I am humlby grateful! #BlackFinancesMatter!


Book: A Pot to Piss In

In 'A Pot to Piss In: Intergenerational Wealth Planning for Black People', author M'Bwebe Ishangi explains there are numerous ways to create individual and intergenerational financial sustainability simply by mirroring money methodologies of those well-to-do families that have been able to use handed-down action plans to create sustainability throughout their bloodline. This book not only exposes the historical injustices educational and monetary systemic practice on Black people, it also reveals actual strategies shared by wealthy families for over 200 years! Ishangi covers in-depth research on concepts and topics from learning how to protect and grow your savings during a pandemic or recession, to creating an income outside of a decaying labor force that will soon be replaced by Artificial Intelligence. In addition, he reveals ‘cryptic’ or ‘hidden’ ways of how rich families have been able to sustain and grow their wealth despite recessions, wars, and market crashes.

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