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Generation Graduation Boot Camp

$225 $125 THROUGHOUT 2023-24 SCHOOL YEAR!
Calling all Middle, High School, and College Students—especially if you’re graduating!


The Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement presents our Generation Graduation Financial Literacy Virtual Boot Camp. Our on-demand cycles for the 2023-24 school year are now available!



As parents, your child(ren) are about to embark on adulthood. Whether they're close or about to graduate, what’s next? For the next half-century, their future will be determined by how good (or bad) they have a relationship with money—so let’s start them off on the right foot! 

Understand the systemic practice of money is designed to work only for those who are “in the know”—which is a small minority. The rest have these stats to deal with and will apply to them unless you do something different:


• 9 out of 10 Black students aged 18+ have zero net worth, no credit card nor a checking account and if they do have a savings account, less than 5% have more than $1000 there.

• The majority are not taught how to manage money to buy a car, home, nor how to pay for college other than through loans which means they'll be paying more and longer delaying their ability to create savings.

  • • To make it more alarming, they’re not aware their ability to earn income will be almost non-existent at the hands of Artificial Intelligence replacing human workers. This will greatly affect their living lifestyle.


Knowing is more than half the battle, it gives you an opportunity to live a full life without having to let work and money get in the way. 

In 5 sessions I will be teaching various ways on how to understand, manage, and build wealth so they won’t have to succumb to the psychosis of the Rat Race, depending on a job while hoping this same job is secure for them to have enough to both live off and retire with. 

As you know, we will have a relationship with money our entire adult lives. The CFSM Generation Graduation Boot Camp will equip your child(ren) with skills that will enable them to skip past the mistakes we made because we simply weren’t taught how to have a beneficial relationship with money at an early age. This cycle will be broken in your bloodline through this course.


Some highlights they will learn:

• With the coming of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, they will learn how to earn and build wealth despite the oncoming job replacements at the hands of Artificial Intelligence

• What is Credit and how it can be used to create leverage and sustainability. This can be fully implemented in as little as 12-18 months and used for the rest of their lives

• The importance of creating Passive Income coupled with Compound Interest enabling them to have monetary resources to create a sustainable lifestyle replacing the need for employment as well as ease the cost of increasing debt (ie. college loans, home, etc.)

• Steps needed to protect their wealth practices and assets via Corporation and Family Trusts the same way rich families have done for over two centuries. This is the premiere Intergenerational model needed to survive the next 20 years!


…and more!


Becoming financially literate is a life-skill! Enrolling your child(ren) in this course is essential for their entire adult lives. It simply is the gift that will keep on giving… GENERATIONALLY as they will be able to create sustainable wealth practices breaking the curse of generational depravity we’ve experienced for generations.


As a parent, your child will walk away “Cryptowoke Certified” with an understanding as well as a plan on how to live off their savings and investments at an early age!



Recommended for all Middle School, High School and College Students and Graduates ages 14-25.

II. PRESENTER: M’Bwebe Ishangi, Financial Therapist and Founder of Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement, LLC

III. LOCATION: Virtual via Zoom Platform

- Set up on demand live in one-to-one or small groups

- Flex classes available for studetns to watch pre-recorded sessions on their own flexible schedule


You must be in middle to high school (6-12th grade) on up to college student/graduate (Grad students also welcome!) *Presence is required as you will have direct access with Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement founder and Financial Therapist, M’Bwebe Ishangi. All sessions will be recorded and gifted to students for replay after completion of course.


Groups classes will be broken into same age groups


*In case your child's unable to attend live, all classes will be recorded and gifted to students for replay at their leisure and there's the Flex class option.


Enroll your child(ren) today!


*Registration dates:
• Regular Rate (5 Sesions): $225.00 $125.00 $100 OFF SCHOOL YEAR DISCOUNT!
• Registration on demand


Payments received via Zelle, PayPal, CashApp (@BitMarley), and Cryptocurrency (BTC & ETH)

To pay via Zelle or Cryptocurrency, CLICK HERE


Enroll Your Youth Today!

*Group discounts available for multiple children!

**Earn additional discount or even earn money for referrals through our Affiliate Program.


Your child(ren) will receive curriculum, digital workbook, links to all sessions, and other gifts upon completion of registration.


• Digital Financial Workbook
You will receive your own digtal financial workbook created by the Cryptowke Finanical Sustainability Movement. This workbook will aid in your ability to keep track of all your expenses, projections, and tally of cash flow and credit amounts to keep you on track to amass a 6-figure total credit limit in as little as *6-18 months!
(*depending on your starting credit limit)


• 6-Month Post Class Access to Financial Therapist, M'Bwebe Ishangi
After taking this Boot Camp Course, you will still have access to your instructor, Financial Therapist, and Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement founder, M'Bwebe Ishangi for check-in or thought strategies FREE for the remainder of the year!


• Special gift at end of course for all students taking Cycles One and Two.




Q: Is this live or online?
A: Classes will be conducted on the Zoom platform. Once enrolled, each student will be emailed zoom links for each of our 5 sessions. If they choose Flex Classes, they will be emailed links of each class.


Q: Will classes be recorded?
A: Each class is recorded with an email link to replay at the end of each session. Upon completion of the course, each student will recieve a permalink giving access to the archives for 6-months free. They will be able to replay to continue/review their studies. After the 6th-month post graduation of this course, they will be able to resubscribe as a member of the Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement family.


Q: What if I miss a class or can’t attend all classes?
A: Although your presence is preferred for all classes because of the benefit of having instructor M'Bwebe Ishangi live, if you are unable to attend or you miss a class, each student will be emailed a recap and replay link to each class right after.


Start your child's future life now with the perfect gift! Get them Cryptowoke with the life-skill in being Financially Fit & Lit!


I look forward to aiding your child(ren) create a life of sustainability that will affect your entire bloodline presently and into the future!


Click >> HERE << to read my bio.


Wishing you health and well(th)



M'Bwebe Ishangi

Founder, Financial Therapist

Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement, LLC

e: info@cryptowokemovement.com

p: 980.263.9240


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